Cute and sweet, maybe I can not explain well the concept.
I would build "Island of Happiness" and after that all the cities of the world will have to copy and build identical.
I'm not jealous, but as there is money for Canale 5, Rai and much more, just think that they are also found for my project useful for all Humanity.
For years, I talk about it with all the components of the various municipalities, and I tried to do politics and put me in this job.
But at a conference I have been badly treated as I have said that the policy for the way I think is to be regarded only as "Mission", so I had to give up the policy.
But the money is there just for them and those of European funds, they do not make you understand how they work because the money of Europe serve to their friends and in the meantime more money even ask to all Italians and the world's inhabitants.
Maybe if we can not build
"The Island of Happiness" great , for the moment, I'd be happy to build at least "Island of Happiness" baby and then we'll see how to enlarge.
But somewhere I would like to begin.
Maybe doing a little "Island of Happiness" where you paint my "Lucentismo" dancing, singing, playing games, read, study and watching good movies on a big screen.
What about the other.
I would like to live in our
"Island of Happiness" where everyone is happy and see around if only people able to give so much affection, serenity and above all smiles that fill the heart.
And this I realized that we can implement only building our "Island of Happiness".
Only this I want.
I unfortunately I can only ask and if I will be given, patience.
You are the master of your money and if you prefer to spend them, or donate them to people who say that they do this and do that other and then you do not know what they do or know only in part, always patience and patience.
Maybe it will be given another life to finally build our "Island of Happiness".

Thanks Infinite
and a big hug
Giusy Papale


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